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“L’ISLE (et autrefois ROYAUME) DE CHYPRE…”, loose-sheet map, Paris, Pierre Moullart-Sanson, 1720

Pierre Moullart-Sanson

Copper engraving, 345 x 490 mm, French

This is the second map of Cyprus by Pierre Moulart-Sanson, grandson of Nicolas Sanson, from the family of renowned French cartographers. Moulart-Sanson’s earlier map of Cyprus, published in 1718, has ancient contents, while the present one features medieval contents. Both maps share a common prototype, the 1570 map drawn by Venetian cartographer Paolo Forlani. This map features the eleven Venetian districts of Cyprus; Moulart-Sanson states in the title that these were the districts during the Turkish occupation. It is not certain, however, if the Turks retained the Franco-Venetian districts from 1571 until as late as 1720, or if

Moulart-Sanson took the designation of these districts for granted, since he was following Forlani’s map so closely.

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