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“DESCRIPTIO PEREGRINATIONIS D[IVI]. PAULI, APOSTOLI…”, Novus Atlas…, Amsterdam, Joannes Janssonius, 1662

Joannes Janssonius

Copper engraving, 362 x 507 mm, contemporary colour, Latin

This map is taken from the 1662 Latin edition of Janssonius’s Novus Atlas; the same map is included in the final English edition of Accuratissima Orbis Antiqui, published in 1741 by Georg Horn. The upper margins depict two scenes, unsigned, from the life of Saint Paul: Paul’s conversion to Christianity, on the left, and his preservation from a deadly adder bite on Malta, where he had been shipwrecked. St. Paul’s connection to Cyprus was significant for his apostolic mission. Paul and the Apostle Barnabas sailed to the island circa 45 A.D. to preach. Cyprus was the first place outside the Asiatic mainland where Paul preached, and he traveled throughout the island (Acts xiii 4 – 11).

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