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“CYPRI INSVLAE NOVA DE=SCRIPT. 1573/[inset:] LEMNOS INSVLAE …”, Additamentum A. Ortelii Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, Antwerp, Plantin, 1573

Abraham Ortelius                   

Copper engraving, 352 x 500 mm, modern colour, Latin

This  admirable  cartographic  specimen,  which  completely  replaced  Pagano’s prototype map, became the new model map of Cyprus, thanks to Ortelius; the island of Lemnos appears within a cartouche at the bottom right corner of the map. This particular map became the standard soon after its publication, and it remained unsurpassed, in both outline and contents, until 1885, when British cartographer  Horatios  Herbert  Kitchener  published  his  map  of  Cyprus,  in London, after conducting a trigonometric survey of the island. The pagination indicates that this copy comes from Additamentum I, Ortelius’s supplement to the Theatrum of historical maps, published in 1573.



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