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DVD Troodos… and the birth of Cyprus

Viewed as a miracle of nature, the birth and emergence of both Troodos and Cyprus is considered wondrous from the perspectives of geological sciences, history and myth. Owing to its distinctive features, such as the impressive terrain, diversity of its microclimates, the rich and diverse flora and the surrounding sea, the island has become a synonym for natural beauty and fertility, justly identified with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and reproduction. These special features, combined with the wealth of its mineral and water resources, have created an extraordinary habitat for man and laid the foundations for ten thousand years of art and civilisation. 

Produced with the support of the BOCCF

Consultant biologist:  Dr. Athena Della
Sound:  Giorgos Potamites
Music:  Pambos Sakkas
Narration:  Andreas Iacovides
Graphics:  Erotokritos Erotokritou
Compositing:  Panikkos Petrides
Colour:  Full moon Productions

Produced by:  Anadysis Films Ltd

Texts By: G. Constantinou, I. Panayides
Category: Audiovisuals
Directed By: P. Papapetrou

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