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H Εδραίωση του Eλληνισμού στην Kύπρο την Εποχή των Πόλεων-Βασιλείων Μέσα από τα Νομίσματα [The Consolidation of Hellenism in Cyprus During the Period of the City-Kingdoms as Evidenced by Coins]

In May 1999, on the occasion of the International Museum Day, the Chairman of the Cultural Foundation and Financial Director of the Bank of Cyprus, Yiannis Kypri, employed a wealth of visual material to trace significant developments that took place in Cyprus from the Late Bronze Age — when the Achaeans settled on the island — until the period of the Cypriot city-kingdoms, with special emphasis on the respective coinage of each period. This publication is the product of the aforementioned lecture.

Author: Y. Kypri
Category: Numismatics
Series editor: E. Zapiti
1999 / 20 × 20 cm / 50 illustrations / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-075-3