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Coinage as Evidence for the Changing Prosperity of Cyprus in Byzantine and Medieval Times

Metcalf examines how coinage can provide evidence for the study of the changing prosperity of Medieval Cyprus. Following an overview of his subject, the author focuses on two examples: the first concerns the effects on monetary economy caused by the loss of Famagusta to the Genoese in 1371. The second explores the effect of the Arab raids on the coinage of Cyprus during the second half of the seventh century. Both examples shed light on the methods required for establishing the relation between Coinage and History. The first half of the publication makes reference to James R. Stewart and the Stavrokonnos hoard. The presentation is completed by two annexes. 

Lectures on the History of Coinage, no. 4

Author: D. M. Metcalf
Category: Numismatics
2003 / 17 × 24 cm / 42 pp. / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-813-4