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Launched in 1985, the “Numismatics” series includes Lectures on the History of Coinage. Providing a fine opportunity for the study of the history of coinage in Cyprus from antiquity to the present, it amply widens its scope to touch on the history of Cyprus itself and other topics beyond Cypriot coinage.

Coinage and History
The case of Cyprus during the Archaic and Classical periods
Coins of Cyprus
From the Collections of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation
Tο Bυζαντινό Νόμισμα / Byzantine Coinage
Mέσο συναλλαγής και έκφραση αυτοκρατορικής προπαγάνδας / Medium of Transaction and Manifestation of Imperial Propaganda
Monnaies de Chypre/Cypriote Coinage
D'Evelthon à Marc Antonio Bragadino/From Evelthon to Marc Antonio Bragadino
Κυπριακή Νoμισματoκoπία/Cypriote Coinage
Από τoν Ευέλθoντα στo Μαρκαντώνιo Βραγαδίνo/From Evelthon to Marc Antonio Bragadino