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Σπάvιoι Χάρτες της Κύπρoυ τoυ 16oυ Αιώvα / 16th Century Rare Maps of Cyprus
Δώδεκα Avτίγραφα από τη Χαρτoγραφική Συλλoγή τoυ Πoλιτιστικoύ Iδρύματoς Τραπέζης Κύπρoυ / Twelve Facsimilies from the Map Collection of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

This bilingual large-format folio edition contains twelve of the most important rare maps of Cyprus dating from the 16th century, the golden age of Cypriot cartography. These facsimiles have been reproduced from the Cultural Foundation’s original Map Collection and are available either as a set of twelve in numbered hand-made folders along with their equivalent texts or as individual loose sheets in transparent envelopes. 

Texts by: M. Iacovou
Category: Cypriot Cartography
1994,1998 / 45 × 64 cm / out of print