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Χαρτoγραφική Συλλoγή Αντωνάκη και Λώρας Γεωργιάδη. Κατάλογος Έκθεσης [The Antonakis and Laura Georgiades Cartographic Collection: Exhibition Catalogue]

The Antonakis and Laura Georgiades Cartographic Collection, the second largest private collection of maps to be donated to the Cultural Foundation (1993) includes 82 items: 72 printed maps (16th–19th c.) mainly of Cyprus, four cartouches of maps from 19th and 20th century newspapers, two original manuscript maps drawn by Antonakis Georgiades in 1939 and a small pebble in the shape of Cyprus. This provisional catalogue which accompanied the extraordinary exhibition of the collection in November 1993 includes carto-bibliographical entries and a short commentary on the history of each map.

Texts by: M. Iacovou
Compiled by: A. Hadjipaschalis
Category: Cypriot Cartography
1993 / 15 × 21 cm / 44 pp. / 4 b&w illustrations / paperbound / out of print