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The Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation is happy to announce the  release of the new edition The church of the Archangel Michael in Pedoulas (in Greek). The book comes out in collaboration with the Holy Bishopric of Morphou and the Department of Antiquities. 

The book features a foreword by the publisher followed by an address by the Most Reverend Neophytos, Metropolitan of Morphou, within the jurisdiction of whom the monument lies.

The Guide provides a retrospective of the history and location of the village of Pedoulas and its ecclesiastical monuments, followed by a chapter on the architecture of the single-aisled timber roof church. On the east side, the church ends at a projecting semi-circular apse. Its west and south sides feature a narthex. The roof, floor, doors, holy Altar, pews and iconostasis are presented in separate sections.

The chapter on the iconographic programme looks at the wall-paintings of the church, signed by the painter Minas of Myrianthousa in 1474. Separately discussed is the dedicatory wall-painting featuring the family of the donor, priest Vasileios Chamados, and the monumental representation of a sword-bearing Archangel Michael.

The next chapter provides iconographic and stylistic remarks pertaining to the wall-painting decoration, as well as a description of the icons, the works of Minas (circa 1474) and Loukas (16th century).

A glossary, a list of full-page photographs and bibliography supplement the book, along with the architectural drawings of the church, made by architect Diomedes Myriantheas. All the wall-paintings are traced and numbered in the longitudinal sections of the drawings.


The texts in the Guide are written by archaeologist Stylianos Perdikis. Photographs were taken by Vassos Stylianou, whereas photographs from the Department of Antiquities and private archives have also been used. En Tipis Voula Kokkinou Ltd provided the design and art editing as well as photo processing. Printing by Cassoulides Masterprinters. In charge of the Guides Series is Dr Christodoulos Hadjichristodoulou, Byzantinologist at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.

The Guide measures 22x16 cm. and numbers 128 pages, including 93 photographs, both black-and-white and colour, and 8 drawings. It is available for 9,00 at Agora, the shop of the Cultural Foundation, the Holy Bishopric of Morphou, the Byzantine Museum of Pedoulas, and well-known bookshops across Cyprus. It is also available on the Internet, at