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Κύπρoς 1191 – 1489. Σταυρoφoρίες και Φραγκoκρατία [Cyprus 1191 – 1489. The Crusades and Frankish Rule]
Κατάλoγoς έκθεσης σπάνιων εκδόσεων [Exhibition Catalogue of Rare Editions]

The exhibition of rare editions from the Cultural Foundation Collections (16th – 20th century) complemented the 1993 lecture of Peter W. Edbury “The Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus and its Muslim Neighbours” giving an illustrated account of the historical relation between the Crusades and the establishment of the Lusignan’s Frankish kingdom in Cyprus. The catalogue includes detailed bibliographical entries on the exhibition’s twenty-seven old editions together with a descriptive note about the history and contents of each book.

Author: M. Iacovou
Category: BOCCF Collecion
Series editor: M. Iacovou
1993 / 15 × 21 cm / 40 pp. / 2 b&w illustrations / paperbound

ISBN: out of print