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Στο Ωραιότερο Μονοπάτι του Κόσμου / Along the Most Beautiful Path in the World
O Edmond Duthoit και η Kύπρος / Edmond Duthoit and Cyprus

This richly illustrated edition was prepared by the Bank of Cyprus Group on the occasion of the homonymous exhibition held in Nicosia and London in 1999. The volume presents for the first time the sketches and watercolours which the French architect and artist Edmond Duthoit made during his travels to Cyprus in 1862 and 1865. Duthoit was sent to Cyprus by a distinguished historian, the marquis de Vogue, carrying orders to explore the island, excavate and collect archaeological finds. His sketches and watercolours offer a panorama of Cyprus in the nineteenth century: people, villages and towns, archaeological sites and Gothic monuments, churches and mosques. Many of these sketches are accompanied by contemporary photographs of the same sites. 

Published by the Bank of Cyprus Group

Author: R. K. Severis, L. Bonato, A. Gautier
Category: Other Publications
1999 / 23 × 31 cm / 272 pp. / 154 sketches & photographs / hardbound

ISBN: 9963-42-074-5