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The International Role of Late Antique Cyprus

In a lecture delivered in March 1998, Glen Warren Bowersock, professor of Ancient History at the Princeton Institute of Advanced Study, dwells on the role of Cyprus during late antiquity which to a large extent coincides with the first Christian and early Byzantine years. Bowersock speaks of Cyprus’ relations with Alexandria, Antioch and Constantinople, the work of Epiphanios of Constantia and Leontios of Neapolis as well as the 7th century Arab raids and provides evidence for Cyprus’ decisive influence on the continental area of its Mediterannean surroundings.

Fourthteenth Annual Lecture on Cypriot History and Archaeology

Author: G. W. Bowersock
Category: Lectures on History and Archaeοlogy
2000 / 17 × 24 cm / 32 pp. / illustrated / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-089-5