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Cyprus Between East and West

In a lecture delivered in November 2000, Sir John Boardman, professor of Classical Archaeology at Oxford University and the Royal Academy of Arts, deals with the history of Cyprus in the period between the twelfth and seventh century BC, a period characterised by foreign influences and shifting populations. While these facts help in determining the culture of the island, the lecture focuses on the importance of the local character and the activities of the indigenous Cypriot population. The last part of the lecture refers to the study of stone seals and the development of their production on the island, bearing Greek and Phoenician influences.

Sixteenth Annual Lecture on Cypriot History and Archaeology

Author: J. Boardman
Category: Lectures on History and Archaeοlogy
2001 / 17 × 24 cm / 40 pp. / illustrated / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-94-X