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Αναπλάθοντας μια από τις Μεγαλύτερες Περιπέτειες του Ελληνισμού [Reconstructing one of the Greatest Escapades of Hellenism]
H Kύπρος και τα Eυρωπαϊκά Oδοιπορικά του 15ου – 19ου αιώνα [Cyprus and European Travel Writings of the 15th–19th century]

The lecture, delivered in Nicosia in March 1999, is in fact an imaginary journey in time and space. Through the writings of European travelers from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century, Dr Tsingakou brings to life the island’s spatial character over the past centuries. Drawing on excerpts from travel chronicles, the author traces historical events which have marked the island, reconstructing a panoramic mural of the wider Hellenic area, Cyprus especially, during the centuries of the Frankish, Ottoman and British rule.

Fifteenth Annual Lecture on Cypriot History and Archaeology

Author: F. Tsingakou
Category: Lectures on History and Archaeοlogy
2002 / 17 × 24 cm / 44 pp. / illustrated / paperbound

ISBN: 9963-42-807-X