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Ο Ναός του Αρχαγγέλου Μιχαήλ στον Πεδουλά [Τhe Church of the Archangel Michael in Pedoulas]

The book features a foreword by the publisher followed by an address by the Most Reverend Neophytos, Metropolitan of Morphou, within the jurisdiction of whom the monument lies.

The Guide provides a retrospective of the history and location of the village of Pedoulas and its ecclesiastical monuments, followed by a chapter on the architecture of the single-aisled timber roof church. On the east side, the church ends at a projecting semi-circular apse. Its west and south sides feature a narthex. The roof, floor, doors, holy Altar, pews and iconostasis are presented in separate sections.

The chapter on the iconographic programme looks at the wall-paintings of the church, signed by the painter Minas of Myrianthousa in 1474. Separately discussed is the dedicatory wall-painting featuring the family of the donor, priest Vasileios Chamados, and the monumental representation of a sword-bearing Archangel Michael.

The next chapter provides iconographic and stylistic remarks pertaining to the wall-painting decoration, as well as a description of the icons, the works of Minas (circa 1474) and Loukas (16th century).

A glossary, a list of full-page photographs and bibliography supplement the book, along with the architectural drawings of the church, made by architect Diomedes Myriantheas. All the wall-paintings are traced and numbered in the longitudinal sections of the drawings.

Texts by: St. Perdikis
Category: Guides to Byzantine Monuments
Plans, drawings by: Holy Bishopric of Morphou
Series editor: Ch. Hadjichristodoulou
2015 / 16 x 22 cm / 128 pp. / colour and b&w illustrations / paperbound

ISBN: 978-9963-42-960-8