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Breeding Birds of Cyprus

A luxurious volume which records in detail all breeding birds of Cyprus. Birds are listed by families and are referred to both by their scientific (Latin) and common (Cypriot dialect) names. A general description of each family is followed by the description of each Cypriot species: features, habitat, feeding habits, incubation, etc. Richly illustrated with approximately 400 photographs, the book includes a detailed list of all the birds of Cyprus, as well as an essay by archaeologist Pavlos Flourentzos on the depiction of birds in ancient and Medieval Cypriot art (pottery, sculpture, coinage).

Texts by: L. Kourtellarides
Category: Environment
Photographs: L. Kourtellarides
1998 / 23 × 28 cm / 316 pp. / 400 photographs / hardbound

ISBN: 9963-42-068-0 / Greek edition: 9963-42-063-X