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Cypriot Artists

The “Cypriot Artists” series of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation was launched in 1991. So far, it includes publications on the first generation of Cypriot artists who led the evolution of Cypriot painting from a declining Byzantine, religious and popular technique to a more artful and freely expressive period during the early decades of the 20th century. Employing well-documented texts and a wealth of photographic material on the works of our great painters, the series aspires to fill a significant gap in the relevant bibliography. 

Χριστόφορος Σάββα [Christophoros Savva]
Η απαρχή μιας νέας εποχής στην κυπριακή τέχνη [ The Beginning of a New Era in Cypriot Art]
Τηλέμαχος Κάνθος [Telemachos Kanthos]
Το πορτρέτο ενός δημιουργού [The Portrait of a Creator]
Γιώργος Μαυροΐδης [George Mavroides]
Η ζωή και το έργο του [His Life and Work]
Mαρία Λοϊζίδου [Maria Loizidou]
Tοπίο του Άλλου [Landscape of the Other]