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Ένα Χελιδόνι για την Eυρώπη [A Swallow over Europe]

This is a key book which should be in the hands of every child, on the bookshelves of every school student who is to become tomorrow’s well-informed citizen of the European Union. The Greek and international Press alike have welcomed it as the first genuinely Pan-European myth, a fascinating and delightful introduction to the concepts, visions and values of a United Europe. The book was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the Greek Presidency of the European Union and was distributed in English and French translations to the members of the delegations of the European countries and to representatives of the international Press at the Summit in Chalcidice. With the permission of the Foreign Ministry, this story, with its atmospheric illustrations by Rania Varvaki, came out by Militos Publications in a new and improved edition in five languages, so that it can be appreciated not only by politicians and diplomats, but also by the children of the whole of Europe. Suitable for children of elementary school age. 

Joint publication of the BOCCF and Militos Publications

Author: E. Trivizas
Category: Children's and Young Adults' Books
Illustrations by: R. Varvaki
2003 / 18 × 13 cm / 96 pp. / illustrated / hardbound

ISBN: 978-960-8340-42-8

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