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Museum of George and Nefeli Giabra Pierides Collection (Donated by Clio and Solon Triantafyllides) / GP 1999-015
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Exhibition Number:  01/11
Item:  Anthropomorphic vase
Category:  Pottery
Dating:  2500-1900 B.C.
Period:  Early Cypriote [Early Bronze Age] (2500-1900 B.C.)
Style:  Red Polished Ware
Material:  Clay
Dimensions:  Height: 18.7cm.
Description:  Hollow, ovoid body supported on three short legs; cylindrical neck with out-curving rim; facial features (eyebrows, nose, and mouth) in relief; punctures for eyes and nostrils; large pierced ears. Arms in relief stretched down beside the body, hands resting on lower part of body, long fingers rendered with grooves, angular shoulders pierced horizontally. Navel in relief. Incised decoration on body and neck. This vase bears a striking resemblance both in form and decoration to one in the Sèvres Museum.