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03 November - 03 November 2018

Creative writing workshops for children are not school #deneinaisxoleio, and they’re great!  


Family learning programmes may not be school (#deneinaisxoleio) but they’re absolutely necessary and fun!


Drawing inspiration from the exhibits of the Cultural Foundation’s Archaeological Museum, children (8 to 12 years old), encouraged by Stavros Lambrakis, will unleash their imagination, and put it to good use onto paper.


The aim of the workshops is to acquaint children with methods of developing their creative thinking by way of written speech, cultivate their imagination, put together their own stories, embark from antiquity to create adventurous heroes, and bring historical figures to life.


Saturday, 3 Νovember 2018, 10:30 & 12:30

Duration: 90 minutes | For children aged 8-12

Animator: Stavros Lambrakis, Writer and Creative Writing Teacher


Free admission

For reservations: 22 128182



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