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09 December - 09 December 2018

Educational Activities for children aged 4-13!


1) Allow me to introduce myself: archaeologist / (For children aged 9-11 / 10:00-11:30)

“When I grow up, I want to be an archaeologist! The educational programme titled “Allow me to introduce myself: archaeologist”, offers children the opportunity to “dig up” the secrets of the ancient world and participate in activities pertaining to the conservation of clay objects – and more.  


2) A Journey into Imagination / (For children aged 4-8 / 10:00-11:30)

What does it take to travel to the moon? To travel back in time? To travel to enchanted castles and magical seashores? We say it takes imagination and loads of fairy dust! We’ve got both in our pockets, in our hats, our shoes… everywhere! An experiential workshop where children, by way of Gianni Rodari techniques, music and the visual arts, will engage in roleplaying, create soundscapes, craft hiding places, provide solutions to the plot of the stories we are going to devise together, and draw plans

to escape from the planet Earth by solving riddles and following the signs!


3) Creative writing / (For children aged 8-12 / 15:00 16:30)

Their imagination can create unexplored worlds and bring heroes of the past to life. In the course of the creative writing workshops, children unleash their imagination, drawing inspiration from the museum whilst honing their writing skills.


4) Priceless: coins and other values / (For children aged 10-13 / 15:00-16:30)

An educational programme of worth! Students will acquaint themselves with the numismatic collection of the Cultural Foundation, peruse ancient coins, use interactive digital applications and design their own valuable coins.


5) Clay, form and shape / (For children aged 7-10 / 16:30-18:00)

What is the shape of clay? It is what imbues our imagination and what we can mould with our own hands. From the Chalcolithic Age to the present day, children who used to be artists and artists who never forgot what it means to be a child have created impressive artefacts using humble materials, dyed them in natural colours and adorned them with stones.In this workshop organized by the Cultural Foundation, children dunk their hands into clay to create memories, hone their skills and apply traditional techniques to craft fascinating pots.



6) World Voice-Musics of the world / (For children aged 6-9 / 16:30-18:00)          

Music can take you everywhere! The Cultural Foundation’s programme provides children with triggering music samples from various places around the world, introducing them to traditional rhythms and melodies of different countries!




Sunday, 9 December 2018

86-90, Faneromeni Str., Old Nicosia

Participation is free
For information and reservations: 22128182









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