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05 July - 05 July 2018

F18 / Musical theatre performance: "I have been through…"

based on poems by Kiki Dimoula
Faneromeni 18 Arts Festival



The poignancy of the poems and the evocative voice of Kiki Dimoula will stir the emotion of the audience in the Courtyard of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in the course of a groundbreaking musical theatre approach by Sofia Kamayianni.


Charismatic performances by Yiota Festa and Theodosia Savvaki and, of course, the irresistible force of Dimoula’s poetry have already offered audiences special moments of emotion and exaltation.


Composer Sofia Kamayianni has employed the discourse of Kiki Dimoula as the main “body” invested with music in order to build a show that sets out to strike a chord with spectators by way of compelling performances and pronounced alternations.


Using the poet’s voice as precious gift (sound recordings of Kiki Dimoula extraordinarily reciting her verses provide an unusual way of listening to poetry) the performance is immersed into a world of music and sounds, making up a sensorial collage. 


Three characters star in this play as they contain one another, continuously interacting to compose the figure of the central female protagonist. They communicate beyond time, “from the inner sky of a memory…” but find different ways to express themselves.


The “need for tangible things…” is traced by way of prose upon Actress A (Yiota Festa) that experiences reality with permanently open sensors.


Actress B (Theodosia Savvaki), who also performs the songs, moves within a more fantastical world where singing and music transform the meaning of poetic discourse.


Finally, the poet’s recorded, electronically processed voice, like another piece of the heroine’s self, takes us to a world beyond reason, dreamy and unconscious.


“I have been through…” opened in October 2017 at Tzeni Karezi Theatre, Athens, and from there travelled to Thessaloniki for two performances at the “Music Megaron” (Emilios Riades Hall).


Graced with raving reviews and extended applause by a large crowd of spectators, the show comes to Cyprus through the Faneromeni 18 Arts Festival. This musical theatre performance is organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Greece in Cyprus.



Poetry: Kiki Dimoula

Conception, music, direction by: Sophia Kamagianni

Stage design: Olga Dtain

Lighting: Katerina Maragoudaki

Movement: Hermes Malkotsis

Video: Panagiotis Goubouros

Assistant director: Fanis Sakellariou

Actor: Giota Festa

Singer, actor: Theodosia Savakis

Musicians: Tasos Goussetis (violin), Philandros Karras (clarinet), Osvald Amiralis (bass), Theodosia Savakis (saxophone), Sofia Kamagiannis (piano)





Thursday, 05 July 2018 at 21:00

Courtyard of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

86-90, Faneromeni Str., old Nicosia / 22128157

Free admission



On Faneromeni 18 event nights, the Cultural Foundation’s museums and exhibitions will remain open until midnight.



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