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19 May - 19 May 2018

Moments at  the Museum: Φανερωμένες-Revealed {ft. Amalgamation choir}

 “Ethereal, magical night at the Museum”


An unforgettable experience awaits the lucky spectators of the Amalgamation Choir’s performance on the night of 19th May in the premises of the Museum in Nicosia.

In celebration of European Museum Night, the women of the Amalgamation Choir move within the room, “talk”, and sometimes “substitute” the exhibits with their voice to awaken some other, “forgotten” world of Cyprus. Before adorning the showcases, exhibits had a life of their own; they had impetus and mobility; they were out in the sun, enjoying the air and nature, changing hands and owners.

The women’s voice and touch prompt us to experience the dynamics, the essence of every exhibit. In our imagination, they urge us to remove them from their cases, “redeem” them from the shackles of frozen time. In exchange, they propose to narrate their origins, tell the story of the people who had used and enjoyed them, centuries before we were born.  

The performance proposed by the Amalgamation Choir takes place in collaboration with director Paris Erotokritou and kinesiologist Panayiotis Tofi. The team will make the best of the excellent acoustics in the Museum’s hall area and, on unsuspected occasions, without instrumental accompaniment, it will present fragments of traditional songs as well as tunes from other Mediterranean lands. The team invites everyone to a celebration of human achievements travelling us back to the depths of time.

Saturday, May 19th 2018

Two performances: 20:00  & 22:00 / duration 30 minutes

Free admission

For info: 22128157



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