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21 October 2013 - 10 April 2014
Gods and Heroes

This educational programme was initiated on February 2010, in the new premises of the Museum of the History of Cyprus Coinage in Phaneromeni district, aimed at pupils of the fifth and sixth classes of Primary school. It is designed to stir children interest in coins with an emphasis on mythology and history. The programme spans the period of the Cypriot city-kingdoms (6th – 4th centuries BC) and the Hellenistic years (330-30 BC).

Through discussion and dialogue, the children are introduced to the subject and are subsequently invited to work in the Museum with the assistance of the workbook. They acquire a series of skills, such as those of observation, analysis and recall of knowledge, teamwork, discussion and creativity. The programme's duration is approximately 90 minutes. The programme will also be held during the school year 2013-14 and it will again be addressed to 5th and 6th grade elementary school pupils For reservations please read the section "For teachers".