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18 November 2013 - 06 June 2014
Cyprus and Geology. A Journey in Time

The educational programme Cyprus and Geology. A Journey in Time has been designed in the framework of the exhibition Cyprus and Geology. Science-Environment-Culture, with the aim to give to the children answers to basic questions about the world that surrounds us. The “young explorers” travel in time to discover how the island of Cyprus was created and also to observe its geological development and evolution. During the programme, the children will have the opportunity to see printed visuals, some rocks and fossils, as well as tools and objects related to mining.


They will be able to view from a different point the country in which they live and also learn to observe their surroundings and understand the importance of the science of geology. The educational activities aim to help the children understand and discuss various geological subjects pertaining to the environment, water and mineral resources, copper and the modern mining industry in Cyprus.


An educational notebook with informative texts and interactive exercises accompanies the programme.


It is addressed to the 5th and 6th grade elementary school pupils for the school year 2013-14.

Duration time is about 90 minutes and it is delivered at school hours.

For reservations please read the section for teachers.