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Travels Through Different Cities

The work comprises thirteen letters written, mostly to Drummond’s brother during the years 1744-1750 while traveling and later when he was resident in Cyprus and in Asia Minor on commercial business from 1754 to 1756. Drummond was British Council at Aleppo, and also formed the first Masonic lodge in Smyrna. An important work, with some errors, with plates including a fine map and views of antiquities in Cyprus. The book was digitized by courtesy of the Premier Banking, Bank of Cyprus.

The History of the War of Cyprus

8vo First edition in English, translated from the Latin by Robert Midgley, who has signed the dedication. This is one of the few accounts in English of the War of Cyprus, that is, the Turkish conquest of Cyprus, 1570-1571. It is based on Antonio Maria Graziani’s De Bello Cyprio, first published in Rome in 1624. The book was digitized by courtesy of the Corporate Division of Bank of Cyprus.

Cyprus in the 20th c.: State, Society and Economy

Proceedings of the Third One-Day Event organized by the Bank of Cyprus Historical Archive, in collaboration with the University of Cyprus and the European University Cyprus, at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation on March 28, 2015 [Language: Greek].

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