Creative writing workshops for children - Cultural Foundation
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14 October - 14 October 2017

How many stories are hiding behind a work of art? An array of colours, materials and images provide the inspiration for the writing of stories during a workshop that animates the children’s imagination and creativity.

The aim of the workshops is to teach children different methods of developing creative thinking through written speech. The children, cultivating their vivid imagination, will write their own stories, interpreting exhibits in their own unique way.

> The workshops make part of a host of activities supplementing the Foundation’s “Rooms to Contemplate: Content and Perspective of a Collection” art exhibition.



Saturday, 14 October 2017, 10:30 & 12:30

Duration: 90 minutes | For children aged 8-12

Animator: Stavros Lambrakis, Writer and Creative Writing Teacher


Free admission

For reservations: 22 128182



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